This is the person who will be responsible, in a normal situation, for the correct treatment of the personal data collected on the Internet, and who coincides with the owner of this website.


Their purpose is usually directly related to the reason they have come to us. This data will be kept as long as you do not request its deletion.


It depends on why or how we have got them.

  • If it is because you have subscribed to one of our publications, so that we can send it to you and because we understand that you are interested in the contents of our website and want to know more about them.
  • If it is because you have made a purchase on our website, in order to manage it. That is to say, to collect and invoice you, to send you what you have bought and to make sure that it has arrived safely and that you are happy with your purchase decision. If you do not provide us with the legally obligatory data required to make the purchase (name, surname, NIF/CIF, postal address and contact details, for example), we will not be able to carry out the purchase.
  • If it is because you have sent us information of a fundamentally professional nature, with a view to exploring some kind of collaboration, so that we can evaluate it and, if necessary, contact you. With respect to social networks, we will handle the data in accordance with the terms and conditions that the social networks have in force at the time.

TARGET AUDIENCE OF YOUR DATA - or who will see it

The data we collect will not be disclosed to third parties or entities except as required by law. If, for service reasons and in order to better serve the purpose for which you communicate your data to us, it is appropriate to transfer them to a third party, you will be asked again for your express authorisation to process them under the new conditions.


At any time you have the right to:

  • request access to your personal data (find out what data we hold about you)
  • request rectification or erasure (correcting any data or deleting it if it is no longer necessary for the function for which it was collected)
  • request deletion of your data (right to be forgotten)
  • request the restriction of their processing (to be used only for the purpose for which consent was given or even to reduce it if the relationship has changed)
  • request the portability of your data (to be provided to you in an understandable format)
  • in the event of a security incident that compromises your data, to be informed of the incident and the measures taken within 72 hours of becoming aware of it. You may withdraw this consent you have given us at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent prior to its withdrawal. To exercise these rights, please contact AT using the contact form or directly to the email sales AT


Any data we may have about you will have come to us primarily through email, instant messaging applications, social or professional networks, or by post. We do not process specially protected data.


Kalopolis proceeds with the legally required diligence to safeguard the protected data of its users and customers. However, no security is impregnable and Kalopolis cannot be held liable for damage caused by the malicious acts of other persons or entities.


About our Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and how we use them, the types of cookies we use, i.e. the information we collect using cookies and how that information is used, and how to control cookie preferences. For more information on how we use, store and keep your personal data secure, please see our Privacy Policy.You can change or withdraw your consent to the Cookie Statement on our website at any time.Find out more about who we are, how you can contact us and how we process personal data in our Privacy Policy.Your consent applies to the following domains:[user_consent_state]

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the website loads in your browser. These cookies help us to make the website work properly, make it more secure, provide a better user experience and understand how the website works and analyse what works and where it needs improvement.

How do we use cookies?

Like most online services, our website uses own and third party cookies for various purposes. First-party cookies are primarily necessary for the website to function properly and do not collect any of your personally identifiable information. Third-party cookies used on our website are primarily to understand how the website works, how you interact with our website, keep our services secure, provide advertisements that are relevant to you and generally provide you with a better and improved user experience. experience and help speed up your future interactions with our website.

What kind of cookies do we use?

  • Essential: Some cookies are essential for you to experience the full functionality of our site. They allow us to maintain user sessions and prevent any security threats. They do not collect or store any personal information. For example, these cookies allow you to log in to your account and add products to your cart and checkout securely.
  • Statistics: these cookies store information such as the number of visitors to the website, the number of unique visitors, which pages of the website have been visited, the source of the visit, etc. This data helps us to understand and analyse the performance of the website. and where it needs to improve.
  • Marketing: our website displays advertisements. These cookies are used to personalise the adverts we show you so that they are meaningful to you. These cookies also help us to track the effectiveness of these advertising campaigns. Third-party advertising providers may also use the information stored in these cookies to show you advertisements on other websites in your browser.
  • Functional: these are cookies that support certain non-essential functionalities of our website. These functionalities include embedding content such as videos or sharing website content on social media platforms.
  • Preferences: these cookies help us store your browsing settings and preferences, such as language preferences, so that you have a better and more efficient experience on future visits to the website.[cookie_audit column = "cookie, description" header = "The following list details the cookies used on our website"].

How can I control my cookie preferences?

If you decide to change your preferences later in your browsing session, you can click on the "Privacy and Cookie Policy" tab on your screen. This will display the consent notice again, allowing you to change your preferences or withdraw your consent completely. In addition to this, different browsers provide different methods for blocking and deleting cookies used by websites. You can change your browser settings to block/delete cookies.
On this website you can see how to find them in your browser and, if you wish, delete them.
For more information on how to manage and delete cookies, visit,


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