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Kalopolis Facial Cleansing Pack

Original price was: 62,80 €.Current price is: 56,52 €. IVA inc.
Facial Cleansing Pack which includes a bottle of Moisturising Cleansing Milk based on lavender, olive essential oil and marshmallow root, a bottle of Revitalising Cleansing Toner based on lavender, chamomile and marshmallow root, 5 cotton pads and 5 bamboo pads. Package: 50 ml.

Kalopolis Facial Care Pack

Original price was: 69,80 €.Current price is: 62,80 €. IVA inc.
Get our Facial Care Pack that includes our Moisturising Cream and our Antioxidant Serum that include a combination of superfoods that provide maximum hydration, luminosity and nutrition to your skin.